Beach, Please: 7 Travelers’ Best Finds

“Vacation” and “beach”. They practically go hand-in-hand. And while hanging on the beach is all about relaxation, the act of actually planning a beach vacation isn’t always fun in the sun.
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These sidestepped the stressful part by relying on TripAdvisor to find the best local beaches, routes to get there, things to do nearby and more. All that’s left to stress about?

“At first, I took a plan from TripAdvisor as a backup plan for my trip to Bali (mostly recommendation of wonderful beaches) and then something happened and I & my gang switched to TripAdvisor plan. Thanks to the twist, I had the best experience at Blue Point Beach, Bali. This place is totally paradise. From that moment, I always maximize my journey with TripAdvisor”

“Of golden sand and secret beaches! Add Sri Lanka’s southern coast to the bucket list for these beaches, whale watching, great food and more! We found this secret beach thanks to @tripadvisor and we also found a fantastic local driver Sangeeth to take us there. Surprisingly even he was unaware of this gorgeous place!

“Couldn’t possibly make the most of summer weekend getaways without using Trip Advisor! From finding the best restaurants to finding the best scenic beach spots, Trip Advisor is always a must when planning any trip, regardless of how far away from home! #TripMaximizer”

“We can always count on TripAdvisor to find the hidden gems like this wild beach on the Big Island of Hawaii. It made researching and renting the awesome budget cottage nearby a breeze.

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